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Giving the best for our children, are we actually hurting them?

As I was doing my grocery this morning, I scan through the aisles and said to myself "nope, too much sugar, too much sugar, is there added sugar in that tomato sauce?" The sugar worry and healthy eating are constant ones in my family, by no means we are the healthiest family.

Here is my confession, we occasionally eat Maccas (McDonalds here in down under) and we have 4 different types of ice cream in our freezer. Yes, we are "that" kind of family. 

I went home feeling good about myself not buying any sweet stuff from the supermarket and prepared myself some breakfast (seriously, who has time to have breakfast before kinder drop off anyway?) I looked at the clock and I need to prepare something quick. Instant noodles it is.

I would never feed my son instant noodles just because it's full of nasty stuff. I thought to myself that hopefully if I can strive to give him the healthiest food, he won't grow up liking these stuff. I grew up in third world country you see, instant noodles are very common. Sometimes it necessary for families who just need to get through to the end of the month. Although luckily it wasn't the case for my family when we grew up, but more about the convenience and the flavour. So if things go wrong for some reason, I know I can survive on instant noodles alone, and it won't break me mentally. 

However, what about my son? what if in the future when he is all grown up and have financial difficulties, can he survive on instant noodles? I can't help but wonder, will he have the resilience surviving in the cut throat world, if we as parents always protect him and giving him the best. I can already imagine what my conscience would say if I give him instant noodles and the daily guilt telling me i'm not doing a good job as a mother. Classic!

Obviously this is not to encourage you to give instant noodles to our kids, but to think are we actually hurting them in the long run if we don't give them a chance to practice some resilience and I'm not talking about instant noodles. Would it ease our mind if we occasionally give in and not having to be the "best" mother we ask ourselves to be. Would it be wrong to be kinder to ourselves and not let the guilt rule our daily thought? 

What about you? What do you normally feel guilty about? Can you think of a way to ease that guilt? Let me know in the comment below, I would love to hear your thought and know that I'm not alone in this self inflicted guilt as a mum. 




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