Grimm's Restock December 2019

Important announcement of the Grimm's Restock.

The last Grimm's restock for 2019 estimated will arrive in December 2019 in the first week (or two). This is a very tight timing between goods arriving at the port, to our supplier's warehouse, unpacked and sent to the retailers and sent to respective customers.

All of us are working closely to get the goods out to you as soon as possible. However, there's no guarantee that it will arrive in time for Christmas as we are not in control of so many aspect of the logistics both from the supplier or from us to you. 

Here at Tiny Paper Co. we have been notified of how many items we will be allocated for and will open a Pre Order for the said items. Preorder items will be marked as PREORDER on their title and will need to paid for to secure your goods but will only be delivered once we receive them. 

This is not an open PREORDER, meaning there is a limited allocation and once those preorder are sold out, it means we are no longer getting more of them until next shipment in 2020. So if you have secured a preorder items, you are 100% committed to the purchase and any change of minds (before items are shipped) will be subject to up to 20% of restocking fee, so please choose carefully. During this silly season, we are trying to minimise any hiccups as we want to deliver as many toys to as many happy faces and as less stress to everyone.

Please note, once you are committed to these preorder, we will ship them as fast as we can but there is always a risk that this will not arrive in time for Christmas. We strongly suggest to use Express Post by Australia Post (provided that you live in the network area served by Australia Post' Express) but even then, they may not make it in time. Please be aware of the risk that you are taking, if you are okay for them being possibly late, then go ahead with the order, we hate to be the one who ruined Christmas. 

If you are not okay with this, please make sure you have back up gift ready and choose the items that are readily available from our store. By purchasing the PREORDER items, you agree and committed to the sale and we offer NO REFUND on items that comes after Christmas.

Please keep a line of communication with me via Insta page @tinypaperco or by email and I will update you with what's happening and what to expect as I want this to be as smooth as possible. 

All orders that has PREORDER items will be shipped together once the preordered items arrived in a single shipment.