2 July 2020

We have finally added the Grimm's 2020 range, a small Ostheimer restock and lots of new board games. 

Just a quick note, there's second wave of covid in Victoria, and while we are in Vermont and not affected with the localised lockdown, we are taking things seriously. Claire and I take turns to pack your parcels where we normally both will be in the warehouse. That said, it does take a couple of days longer to process your order but we are trying to keep everyone safe. So thank you for your patience, I know how exciting it is to get happy mail and that extra days can feel like forever. 

30 June 2020

We have received our Grimm's 2020 range, a small Ostheimer farm animal figures and some Grapat top up. We also just made a number of purchases on First Board Games for the littlest ones and pretty excited to be adding these for our range. Since staying home will be the new norm for the next at least 1-2 years, I believe we all can use some board games for Family Game night.

Restock will be announced soon, we are working as soon as possible to get this up and ready for you to purchase. Announcement will be made on Instagram and Facebook. Heads up, it's a very small restock, so I don't want people to be disappointed if they miss out.