Dough My Dear Playdough

What's more classic playful pass time than playing playdough. These beautiful colour playdough will entice even the young at heart to play with the little ones. 

Beautifully scented this handmade playdough comes in gazillion rainbow colour and anything in between. Made with edible kitchen ingredients, taste safe for the youngest children although would not taste very good. 

The mini 90g pot is perfect to take along for waiting at the doctors office, or even when you need some peaceful moment to sip your coffee at sunday brunch.

The regular 190g pot is really good option for birthday goodie bag, something sweet without the sugar or for everyday play. 

The problem is now, what colour to choose? #IWantItAll

Photo credit @hudson_and_harlow, @dannii_and_ollie, @dough_my_dear_play_dough @threelittlefaures