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Available in Individual Sets and Full Sets

These coins in natural wood with rpund shape with slightly curved edges are very pleasant to the touch, allow the child to learn while playing. Play to exchange, collect, order, add and subtract.

In addition, it can be an ideal material for various constructions and creations of Mini Worlds and a perfect material for mathematical logic.

Full Set comes in 6 set of 0-9 coins totalling of 60 coins.

Individual Set comes in 1 set of 0-9 coins totalling of 10 coins.

Please note: The individual sets are by requests of my customers and to cater for this, I need to open a full set since the manufacturer only sell them in a full set in a box. Therefore, all refund and exchanges are void since I have to open the packaging. However, I will make sure all coins are in perfect condition prior to shipping. Thank you.