LaQ Sweet Collection DREAMS
LaQ Sweet Collection DREAMS LaQ Sweet Collection DREAMS LaQ Sweet Collection DREAMS LaQ Sweet Collection DREAMS

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Would you like to have some tea with cakes? This LaQ Sweet collection Dreams is filled with kawaii models to make decorations, sweet animals, jewellery and much more. It is especially cool because it also comes with a headband. Comes with step by step instruction guide to build 15 models such as pastry shop, happy kitchen, daisy basket and more. 

The plastic carry case makes it easy to sort out the pieces for easy building and transport to grandma's house. So what will you be making first?

Great for fine motor skills that is very crucial in schooling years, children are encouraged to keep practising and build with patience. Dads are especially welcomed to play and make cupcakes too! 

Check out our basic models to complement this set and create an even more elaborate design, Basic 201 and Basic 511.

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Pieces: 630pc + 1 Headband 

Parts: 7 basic + 1 special part

Colours: 11 colours

Age Range: 4yo+ (Warning: small pieces, not to be used for children who still put things in their mouth. Parent supervision is required)

LaQ Dreams

About LaQ

LaQ is a wonderfully simple yet creative open ended construction toy that comes in 7 basic shapes (2 base parts and 5 joint parts) and you can create anything that you think of. Its unique shape makes it so interesting to build over and over again. The concept is very similar to Lego where you can build shapes with any products, and it comes in a beautiful range of colours. 

Made in Japan with the highest quality standard and we are very proud to won awards including the Dr. Toy's award, Parent's Choice award and NAPPA Honors.