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Water Beads are so much fun to play with. Comes in two sizes, regular and various colours or Giant water beads in clear colour. Regular size are approximately 1cm in diameter just like marbles. 

These giant water beads are the best seller. They expand to roughly 2-3cm in diameter and because they are transparent, you can soak them in coloured water with food dye or your favourite water colour. Watch them soak all the colour and turn into spongy balls. It takes about 6-8 hours to fully soak them and once they shrink, just add more water. 

These are great for sensory play and you can add them in your sensory bins. Play ideas can be found on our Instagram account @tinypaperco 

Please use your judgement and play with adult supervision only. The giant ones are more fragile than the normal sized water beads counterparts. They are not safe if swallowed. 

Comes in a bag of 10g and recommended for kids who have passed the mouthing stage. 

Giant Water Beads is now discontinued.